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we have a vision to redefining the notion of what is traveling and holidays and delivering travel experiences that will change the traditional way travelers see the world.
We've set a very high standard of professionalism to our services and will feel this with combination of exclusivity, authenticity. Comfort, and creating trust and excellent relationship with clients.
We have a variety number of different travel style to cater you to all kinds of adventures holidays, Luxury vacations, incentive, cultural, Eco, classical, religious, historical, and local community experiences. Adding honey moon, conferences and events.
Just give us the hint and we will open the door for you to choose your favorite travel style and your interests and let our travel destination experts use their wealth of knowledge to assist you with every aspect of your trip and you will discover that you made the right choice and you will find yourself in the right place as at first glance when arriving to Jordan, either through the border crossings or through Queen Alia International Airport, you will notice how the people are friendly and hospitable, and you will be surprised with the sense of safety and reassurance that Jordan is one of the safest tourist destinations to travel to in the world

Our Team

JMTT have invaluable experiences and professional team for more than18 years in this business with strong passion delivering the service standards and excellence. Our services starts and extends in every step in your holiday starting from contacting us, until back home from holiday. Our multiple languages speaking staff will make the communications process flexible and easy to reach the maximum satisfaction and giving more confidence to our clients and partners to help and getting the advice in a very easy way. In addition our multi lingual and expert tour guides are fully versed in their mission and know exactly the clients’ needs and understanding their inquiries, they will help you to understand the region history, community and the culture. .


You can share us your opinion to help you planning your trip and knowing your attractions and interests and your holiday style by filling out the special prepared form, and our staff will respond to all your inquiries and guide you to achieve what you aspire to and make your holiday remarkable and engraved in memory.

Local and typical Food

Mansaf :
is traditionally served in a large platter meant for communal eating, mansaf is a dish of tender meat cooked and boiled with yoghurt layered with paper-thin flatbread and great piles of aromatic rice and can be eating by using the right hand only to eat. There are also many shops and restaurants serving popular and traditional food such as hummus, falafel and shawarma, In addition many sweet shops that offer a wide variety of sweets, and the most famous of which are baklava and kunafa.

Zarb is a popular dish in Jordan, specifically in the desert, because it is cooked underground Zarb is considered a heritage dish in (Wadi Rum), lamb and chicken is used exclusively with Vegetables and seasoned with many types of herbs and spices.
The Meat and the vegetables are placed in a hole specially prepared underground for this and it is closed tightly and then it served with rice and different kinds of Salads

Kunafa: It’s a traditional Middle Eastern dessert specially in Jordan made with crunchy spun pastry soaked in a sweet, sugar-based syrup, and typically layered with cheese, or with other ingredients such as clotted cream, pistachio or nuts, It is prepared in a large round shallow dish, the pastry is colored with orange food coloring, and topped with crushed pistachio nuts.